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The World Within

This project originated from one of strange dream I had.


One night I dreamt of a ram with elongated legs and a transparent body in which a deep green forest grew.

It reminded me of wonder, mystery and power of life.


I am a huge animal and nature lover since I grew up surrounded by them. I feel them so close to me and often when I'm at crossroads of my life they come to visit me in my dreams.


I decided to start up a project out of this remarkable experience combining with another enthusiasm of mine - science technology.

It keeps me surprised to know how much advancement humans are achieving in space exploring, AI and robots, medicine etc… my interest lies in contemplating the future of humanity, the relationship between humans and the nature.


In this series of works titled “The World Within” you find many strange animals.

I want people to enjoy celebrating our lives with them, but at the same time be agitated, even bothered mentally and emotionally to provoke some thoughts and eventually to be involved in my question.

Where are we, the humanity heading to?

-2021, Misato Takahashi

ram transparent background.png
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