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I grew up surrounded by nature in a small town in Nagasaki, Japan.

 Plants, animals and insects - I always feel them so close to me.


Besides, I am strongly interested in the advancement of science technology, such as space exploration, AI and even medicines. Now these technologies are integrated in our daily life and it has brought us a great change, but at the same time it makes me feel like we are detaching ourselves from the nature.

Through my works I try to seek the future of humanity.

How will we interact with the nature?

Will we still be human?

Where are we headed to?


Japanese lacquer – Urushi – is another passion of mine as well as jewellery making.

At the very first moment that I was introduced to it, literally I just fell in love with the technique.  I wonder if it has something to do with my origin but I felt so much attraction and connection to it.


The most favourite thing about Urushi is that it allows me to communicate with the material and enables me to have a close observation.

Urushi is not a fast technique – it takes few weeks or months to finish a piece as it requires multiple layers and a slow drying time. The repetitive steps of painting, drying and sanding the surface always take me to the meditative state of mind which sometimes drops me some more creative inspiration and deep thoughts. The numerous layers give a lacquerware deep colours, especially the Urushi black is the darkest, deepest black.


Also it gives the comforting, smooth and sleek texture to the surface. I believe this is due to its origin - it is a 100% natural paint, which is a type of resin from Urushi tree. As a living creature on earth, we, human may feel attachment to nature.


The lacquer is totally bio-degradable, has anti-acid, anti-alkaline, anti-bacterial properties.

What else could you ask for?


Misato Takahashi

jeweller, artist

based in Tarragona, Spain



2016 – 2021 

Vocational course for artistic jewellery, Escola Massana, Barcelona SPAIN

2007 – 2012

BA Portuguese, Linguistics and cultural studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo JAPAN


2023  Neo Matèria Residència & Workshops with Zsofia Kollar, Barcelona, Spain

2022 – 2023 dterra taller de cerámica y joyería, Barcelona, Spain


<Solo Exhibitions>

2022 Flicker of Life, Gdansk, POLAND

<Collective Exhibitions>

2023 Entre Nosotros, Melting Point, Valencia, SPAIN

2023 Missing Memories by Alliages association, Various locations

2023 CHOICE, Amber Trip competition, Vilnius, LITHUANIA

2022 Metalophone Memory of a place, Contemporary metal art biennial, Vilnius, LITHUANIA


2021 JOYA Barcelona, Barcelona, SPAIN

2021 A-FAD Enjoia't award Student category finalist, Barcelona SPAIN

2021 Galerie MARZEEInternational Graduate Show, THE NETHERLANDS

2021 Línia de sortida, Escola Massana, Barcelona SPAIN

2019 CLUSTER CRAFTS Jewellery Edition, London UK

2019 7 Artist for 7 Days 2019 4th edition, Rome ITALY

2019 Artistar JEWELS, Milan ITALY


2021 – dterra Award, JOYA Barcelona

2021 -  International Amber Award, JOYA Barcelona

Lecture & Conference

2021 – Congreso de Joyería Platynos (Zoom conference), MEXICO

 Presentation "The World Within" the project and some technical tips

Published on...

2019 – ArtistarJEWELS, ITALY

                 Logo Fausto Lupetti Editore, EAN 9788868742447, distributed by Messaggerie Libri

2019 – VOGUE | VANITYFAIR Accessory Spring/Summer2019


2023 - current Michelangelo Foundation, Homo Faber Guide

2022 - current Precious Collective

2021 - 2022 Klimt02, Barcelona, Spain

2019 - current Cluster Crafts, London, UK

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