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Jewellery and Me

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

No title, 2019, Misato Takahashi

What is jewellery for you?




Funny enough, even though I’m a jewellery maker I rarely put jewellery on. Normally I just have my wedding band, and when I go out I add another ring and earrings. As simple as that.

The reason is….I feel so ashamed to tell, but it’s because I’m such a messy careless person that I all the time lose things around me. I’m unconsciously putting things inside my bag and pockets that swallow anything and everything down into the 4-dimensional world👀

Anyway, jewellery for me, needless to say, it is a statement, self expression. Sometimes it is a protection. When I feel I’m down I put on one of my favourite pieces.

Also it can work as a mood changer. Depending on which piece I choose I feel stronger, energetic, fun, feminine etc…It’s fascinating even my behaviour could change - I'm sure that many of you have the same experience!

But in terms of contemporary jewellery, I believe that it holds a tremendous power compared to "ordinary jewellery". It's dramatic, unique, loaded with artists passion and suffer - contemporary jewellery has a SOUL.

Just imagine that you are wearing such a piece!

On the journey of contemporary jewellery

To be honest I have love and hate mixed feeling for contemporary jewellery. When I first saw it, my brain was confused and full of ???s in my head. Then once I had a headache, literally, when I was browsing a catalogue of contemporary jewellery. I liked some of the work, but the major part I didn’t, because I was not capable of comprehending what they were.

I still struggle with it.

I’m trying to make mistakes.

I’m trying to learn.

I’m trying to question.

When I make jewellery pieces I ask myself several questions.

Why it has to be jewellery, not just a sculpture but it’s something to put on our body?

Is it actually wearable?

Is it technically well made?

Is it easy to take care of?

What is beauty? Every art, every jewellery piece needs to be beautiful?

Still some of the answers need to be discovered, and I’ve just started this quest-of-endless-possibility.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what's ahead of me and meeting people on the way💓

(Edited on 09 Jun 2021)


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